How Does Read Literature Like A Professor

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How to Read Literature like a Professor Thomas C. Foster Entry 1 Foster discusses the idea that when two characters eat together, that moment acts as a bonding experience and causes the characters to come together. I had never noticed the significance of a meal between characters before. After reading this chapter, I can think of so many moments in stories when the characters share a meal together to form friendships or come to a peace. In one of my favorite novels, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, Picoult writes that “Emma Alexis- who was one of the cool, beautiful girls…she rolled her wheelchair right beside Justin. She’d asked him if she could have half of his donut” (367). Splitting the donut between one of the popular girls and one of the quieter, nerdier boys was a representation of the deformation of the high school social classes. After reading this chapter, I could recall the significance of meals together in so many novels and movies but I never noticed this pattern before. Entry 2 Chapter 4 begins the argument that no piece of literature is completely original. Chapter 5 discusses that many story ideas originated from Shakespeare and Chapter 6 discusses that many other ideas came from the Bible. Telling stories has been around for so long. Stories existed before they were even written on paper, told orally or expressed in drawing. I can understand that many stories are not wholly original because people are always gaining inspiration from others and building off
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