The Kitchen Table Essay

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January 31, 2013
The Kitchen Table
Never have I taken the time to think of the significance of the kitchen table in my life, but I have come to realize that my kitchen table has always been a place to unwind and share with my family members. From childhood to my adult hood, I have always come to the kitchen table in celebration, conference, in search of security, and enjoyment. The kitchen table of the past always brought my family together, and the table in my present brings focus to my school work and an occasional “catch up” conversation with my family, and in the future I hope to have a similar kitchen table setting as I did in my childhood, but with my own style.
I grew up in a crowded 3 bedroom house with 3 siblings and my
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They were just all thrown together. I never noticed the décor before, but that is what I can remember from my past.
The food was always the star of the kitchen table. It always was a place of security and celebration with plenty of food and desert to eat. My sisters and I would share our daily experiences at the kitchen table, and it was the only place my family would gather together. Before we ate, my mother had us sing our ritual song in tagalog, “ang sarap ng luto si mami!” which translates to, “how tasty my mommy’s food is!”
Currently I live with my mom in her new 4 bedroom house, which is much larger than the house we lived in before. She still has the same large wooden table that seats 6, but she has learned to have more stylish centerpieces and matching salt and pepper shakers. There are no tacky table cloths or plate mats to protect the kitchen table anymore because we are adults and can eat properly of course. We occasionally get together at the dinner table if one of my sisters, my mom, or myself find time to cook, or we would just pick up some fast food and eat it at the table. We still discuss our daily experiences at the table, but not so often as before. Now we use the table to study most of the time and it is covered with back packs, college books, papers, snacks, our laptops, and rarely with a traditional planned dinner.
In the future, I hope I can have a combination of a stylish kitchen table with 6 seats all filled with family members,
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