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Gattaca Questions

Part I (Short Answer)
1) Compare the genetic traits of Vincent and Anton. How are they similar? How are they different? They are tall, brunette and men. They are different because Jerome does not have a heart condition, where Vincent does. Also, I noticed that Jerome is right handed, and Vincent is left handed; this provides symmetry.
2) What does the character “German” do for a living? German’s character helps invalids do what they are told they cannot by finding people with perfect DNA, then sells their genetic codes to lesser important people in return for a part of their salary trades identities in the black market
3) What is an “in-valid”? An invalid is a genetically-inferior person.
4) List
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I think this relates to the swimming scenes between Vincent and Anton because whenever Vincent and Anton would race in the waters to see who would turn back first, Vincent would always come in second place (silver medal).

3. What name does Jerome choose for himself? Is there any significance to this name? Jerome wants to be called by his middle name: Eugene. With research on the internet, I have found that Eugene comes from the Greek word meaning “well-born”, which is a huge symbol in the movie. Also, “eugenics” is the science of improving the genetic qualities of a species, which is also very interesting. 4. Do Vincent and Jerome stick to their new names consistently through the film, or are there moments when they revert to their original names? It is very rare that they use their original names since Vincent is practically becoming Jerome (taking his identity).

5. As the story unfolds, Jerome’s behavior and especially his remarks about himself reveal a great deal . How would you describe his character? In this movie, the society only valued ‘perfect’ individuals, which means they had a bright future according to their DNA. Jerome realized he would never be seen as ‘human’ again because he became crippled after trying to commit suicide. In a way he was broken, and the only valuable thing about him was his genetic code,

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