Gay Rights And The Lgbt Community

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Approximately four weeks ago, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred not to far from UCF. Patrons of Pulse nightclub, a gay nightclub in Orlando where massacred by Omar Mateen, Mateen took the lives of forty-nine individuals all because of their presence in a gay establishment. This tragic incident wasn’t the first attack on the LGBT community, but it’s massive fatalities put Congress under even more pressure to reform gun laws, gay rights, and suspected terrorist legislation. As a political Science major, I take a special interest in the reactions among legislators after the Orlando incident and believe there should be more equal protection for gay people under the law. The two articles I will be analyzing, After Orlando, a Political Divide on Gay Rights Still Stands and Gay rights and wrongs: How the Orlando massacre affects the fight for LGBT rights furthers the discourse among the divide in Congress over gay rights. My first article, After Orlando, a Political Divide on Gay Rights still Stands, published in the New York Times focuses on the separate discourse of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. The writers show it’s time for the argument to exist using logos stating, “Gays have surpassed Jews as the minority group most often targeted in hate crimes, according to the FBI.” (Peters and Alvarez) This statement paired with the Orlando incident shows gays are in danger and need Congress to fight for them. With Democrats trying to appeal to Republicans for
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