Gay Straight Alliance : An Organization On The Campus Of Savannah State University Essay

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Gay-Straight Alliance is an organization on the campus of Savannah State university. This organization is a social organization where any student of sexual orientation can come together in a nonjudgment environment and come to find understanding of each other. The equality of all students is very important to the GSA organization. Not only do the students of the LGBT community receives support from the students with the same sexual orientation as them, they also receive support from those of straight sexual orientation. GSA has also partners with different organization on campus to further help LGBT students. Organizations such as; Phi Beta Sigma, Delta Sigma Theta, etc. Along with partnering with different organization they partnered with the different departments on the campus. Office of Counseling and Disability services, and the Social Sciences department have played a big role when working with GSA. With our partnering with others it helped bring the Savannah State University community together. As whole GSA has surprised students with the different events that held during the spring semester of 2014. From their Volunteering at the Rock n Roll Race to their participation in pride, and also their very own NOH8 support events. GSA definitely made a big statement in supporting the LGBT community and making it a safe place for its students.
GSA has been actively running as an organization since the academic year of 2012. With under new presidency,

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