Geert Hofstede : The Four Dimensions Of National Cultures

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Geert Hofstede conducted different studies for business culture; most of the comprehensive studies are based on how the values in the workplace are influenced by culture. This paper briefly describes how the Hofstede four dimensions of national cultures distinguished between two countries. The four dimensions that Hofstede discovered were: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, and Uncertainty Avoidance. He used four dimensions to show the difference between each country culture. It shows how cultures are different by 1) less powerful members of institutions and organization within countries. 2) acknowledge people`s hard work 3) the society will be driven by men or women can do anything a man can do. 4) Issues people face in the organization within the society. The four dimensions of national culture were based on research being done by Geert Hofstede. On the basis of these national culture dimensions, countries used these methods to compare the different values with countries around the world.
Keywords: Hofstede, four dimensions, power distance, Individualism, Masculinity, and Uncertainty Avoidance

Around the world business culture is expressed differently in most countries, but how different? Culture is one main difference that can be distinguished from different countries. Culture is defined in many ways; Culture is the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from
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