Gender Analysis : ' The War On Drugs '

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Schnaible 1
John Schnaible
Lisa Wells
English 101: Gender analysis
21 November 2014
Criminal Racism
The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that about 558,700 African Americans were imprisoned in the United States in 2010. African American men had an imprisonment rate of 3% while Caucasian men had a rate of 0.5% (Bureau of Justice Statistics). 1 in 3 African American children will end up in jail (Shelden 182). Why are these numbers not more proportionate? Majority of people are not aware of this racism and mass imprisonment. Slavery comes to mind when we think of racism, but we do not think of the African Americans in prison as racist. The justice system racially discriminates.
A system was set up to make certain there would be an abundance of prisons during the Reagan administration. The War on Drugs led to lots of arrests because the stereotypical drug user was African Americans. Police also used corrupt practices targeting African Americans. Media defined the typical criminal as an African American male. Minority neighborhoods are a focus of police. Officers are given an unacceptable amount of discretion that creates racism. When these people get issued a sentence that adds more racism. When released from prison, they face an unsupportive uncompassionate society. The prison system is very much like slavery. These instances show how the justice system generates racism. Jerome Miller says, “Discrimination clearly plays a role in who gets a criminal record, who stays in jail,
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