Prison Industrial Complex Economics And The United States

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More people have been locked up in the United States than any other country. In the article “Prison Industrial Complex Economics”, it states, “the United States has approximately 6.5 million people under the criminal justice supervision. Incarcerated rate has grown from 176 in 1973 up to 700 in the year of 2000” (Waquant). Incarceration is a big business that feeds into drug violence, corrupted guards, and racism in criminal justice system, taxpayer cost, and racism in the criminal system and through privatization of prisons.
Drug violence
The United States have imprisoned many people in the country than any other due to drug wars. In the year 2014 more than 1.5 million people were arrested for drugs. Drug offenses by itself caused these …show more content…

Passing through security, there’s a handoff of cocaine, heroin and electronics to prisoners’ in exchanged for thousands of dollars. Inside, guards “stash” prearranged delivered packages in bathrooms and storage closets. Correctional officers become a middleman between inmates to their outside contacts who provides the illegal cellphones and drugs. Many inmates trade sex with prison guards in exchange for the illegal exports.
Some guards also are accusing of waring prisoners when prison official was preparing to search their cells for illegal exports. In the article “Guards and inmates charged in widespread bribery and smuggling operations”, it states, “the 2013 case, an investigation uncovered smuggling operations and personal relations between guards and inmates” (N/A).
Correctional officers could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for drug conspiracy and fraudulent business dealing with inmates and other outside facilitators.

Racism in criminal justice system Racism in the criminal justice system is so concealed to where racism contributes to massive amounts of imprisoned Black African Americans. In the United States, the criminal justice system has created perpetuated racial harassment to African Americans throughout history. The skin color of African American are easily targeted and criminalized.
Racial bias becomes unavoidable when civilization’s image of a criminal is a BAA (Black African

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