Gender And Gender Essay

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Social construction of gender is collectively held beliefs. In society we believe that interaction through language, symbols, color, food, gestures and people, are ways we create meaning through social interaction. Also, social construction of gender, we must understand the difference between sex and gender. We use gender as labels for many reasons on how to address an individual, weather the individual want to be recognized as him or her. We use gender display to lead others to make attributions regarding her or his gender, regardless of whether the presented gender corresponds to the person sex or gender sex-identity. It is important to understand the difference between sex and gender, because a person that may have been born a male but identify themselves as a female, it may not bother them if you address them sir or ma’am. Kessler and McKenna stated, “that each time we encounter a new person, we make gender attribution. In most cases this is not difficult. We learn how read people’s genders by learning which traits culturally signify each gender and by learning rules that enable us to classify individuals with a wide range of gender and presentation into two and only two gender categories”.
In the article “What It Mean to be Gendered Me, Lucal stated that been perceived as a male has gave him male-male interactions style that most women are not aware of. He notices that many men greet, or acknowledge, people (mostly other me) who makes eye contact with them with a

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