Gender And Gender Essay

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The social constructionist viewpoint on gender and sexuality seems to be the one of the most plausible ways to study and examine the topics. Although biology no doubt has an impact on attraction, and quite possibly gender, society influences the choices of everyone, and whether a person realizes it or not, society shapes their identity. The structure of society and its norms influence everything a person does, including their gender and sexuality. Gender is already considered to be a social construct, and sexuality is well on its way to be considered such as well. People regularly embody something that fits a certain gender categorization in society, usually something within the binary, and then identify with that gender. But, looking …show more content…

Biology and genes would likely only cause a person to have a predisposition to like certain traits of a person, and not necessarily the gender and sex of someone. For example, a male can proclaim to only love women, and happens to fall in love with one, but she turns out to be a trans-woman that never had bottom surgery done. Does that mean the man actually loves men, or does he not actually love the woman? He fell in love with her for her traits and personality, not necessarily how she looked, and him reconciling his definitions of gender and its binary would cause him to realize that it does not, or at least should not, play a key role in how he feels or loves. Any person could say that they are attracted to one gender, two, or all of them, but if all of the people belonging to the group(s) that they like are jerks, or are completely incompatible with them, would the person really get together with someone from that gender, and truly like the relationship and be happy? Also, what does the sexuality mean for those who identity as Asexual? Regardless of what gender the identity or do not identify with, they are still expected to have a certain sexuality in society. When people observe their relationships or lack thereof, they still expect them to identify exactly what their sexuality is, and take their

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