Gender And Self Esteem Among Men And Women Essay

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In the study Furman and Collibee (2014) found that men and women engage in sexual encounters with different partners tend to decrease one’s self-esteem. Also, Walsh (1991) found that men had more sexual partners compared to women and men who were nonvirgins had higher self-esteem compared to everyone else in the study. In the current study, the effects of hooking up and self-esteem between men and women will be tested using a survey that involves Rosenberg’s (1965) Self- Esteem scale, as used in Walsh’s (1991) study. An Independence test will help determine if the effects of hooking up amongst men and women are significantly different, while the self-esteem of men increase and the women’s self-esteem decrease. The results of the study found no statistically significant difference between gender and self-esteem scores. Effects of Hooking Up on Self Esteem amongst Men and Women When thinking back on your time in college what comes to mind? All the late nights you stayed up studying? How you were always stressed out and sleep deprived? The parties and the amounts of alcohol consumed? Or that time you had a one night stand with someone you met at a party? Most of these events resemble a typical college experience, especially since research has found that hooking up is more prevalent on college campuses more than ever before. There have been studies conducted to determine if engaging in hook ups is harmful to one’s self-esteem. Few longitudinal studies have shown hooking up
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