Gender And The Battle Of Athleticism

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Gender and the Battle of Athleticism Savanah Eplin Group Member: Abby Darnold, Sarah Ferguson, and Victoria Dent June 19, 2015 T.A. Debbie Moore BSC 228-502 Introduction: Statistics are defined as the science that comprehends collections of data and analysis by interpreting them to numerical data. Physiology can use statistics in many ways such as sizes of cells comparisons, the length of nerves in comparison, Analysis of Variation (ANOVA), and other statistic comparisons (Lazic). This experiment is comparing vertical jump height with muscle, and fat content between women and men. There will always be some type of argument that men are better than women in all contexts, especially in physical …show more content…

Yet, women have the power to recover faster and do not experience fatigue as much as men. Testosterone is one of the main steroids that give men an advantage. Testosterone is what allows a man to gain more muscle composition. Women release testosterone by their ovaries, but not a large quantity as men do. Compared to a male runner, the top long distance female runner has 8% body fat while the male only has 4% (Doctor). Yet, women’s joints are more flexible which is why they can perform sports such as gymnastics, cheerleading, and yoga easier than men. By using the mean, median, and mode of the results recorded, I believe women and men will be alike in ways people did not expect. By looking at the content of fat and muscle composition on the calf, weight of a female/male, and the ability to vertically jump, evidence will be provided that physical activity does not solely rely on the gender of a person. If the circumference of any persons’ calf is high due to fat then their ability to jump higher will decrease because of lack of muscle and/or lack of physical activity. Comparing men and women though, research leads to evidence that men can jump higher than women. If a man and a woman’s were compared, a man will be able to jump higher due to higher testosterone, activity of a male, and the muscle composition of a male. Materials: Experiments were done following protocol as outlined in handout with a few

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