Gender And Violent Conflict And Violence

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Armed conflict and violence are a common concern for communities living in conflict regions around the world. The additional impact of gender on the lives affected by violence is often overlooked or disregarded. Furthermore women and girls have traditionally been viewed as completely removed from war and violence or perceived as playing passive roles in conflict which impacts their ability to reintegrate into society after participation in armed conflict, or degradation and shame due to sexual and gender based violence and human trafficking. An increased promotion of gender equity in all societies in the last century has made the roles women play more evident in both the perpetuation of conflict and violence as well as the promotion of peace and resolution.

In this paper, I aim to explore the links between gender and violent conflict, focusing on the role of women and girls in both the spread of violence and conflict and examine the need to fully include women and girls in the peace making and conflict resolution process. I will also draw examples from cases in ¬¬¬¬Eritrea and Sierra Leone to highlight the importance of gender in times of conflict and in peace making. Finally, I will argue it is imperative that women and girls are engaged in the peace making and resolution efforts as their diverse experiences of conflict and violence may lead to differing perspectives of the social and economic issues that need to be addressed to attain sustainable development after…
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