The Social Sustainability Of Design

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Sustainability, a common vocab being used in design industry nowadays. It is mean to design something with a well consideration of improve environment, people and economic, which has become the fundamental aspect when comes to initiate the design thinking. According to Oxford Institute for sustainable development, the tools to measure and construct sustainable urban development are prejudicial focus on environmental and economic aspects. Most of the time, ecological and economical sustainability are well concerned but Social sustainable, which merely shown or mentioned on any press or architect’s forum. This essay will talk about the social sustainability in design, by defining the social sustainability in design, the key elements of the …show more content…

Which eventually discourage designer put in effort to considerate the social aspect during design thinking, the word “social sustainability” were being treated as ideological thought in design until recent years, the attention of social consideration in several industry has become mainstream.
To giving a definition for social sustainability, Oxford Institute for sustainable development claim that social sustainability is to taking care of individual, societies and communities live together as a whole and start to achieve the ideal developments for themselves, and also look into the relationship between the particular territory of themselves and the planet. In Practical way, Social Sustainability start arises by taking action to extend the social aspect of individuals and societies, which include capacity and skill developments to environmental and spatial inequalities. Which also include the traditional social policy aspects and principles, for instances, the equity of human rights and health, as well as human needs, social capital, economy, living environment, the consideration of happiness, wellbeing and the quality of life.
Beside that, from the point of view of The Young Foundation, social sustainability is a way to promote wellbeing and

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