Gender Bias In News Media

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talk about the subject making it a less than reliable source compared to the television. However, because of the advancement of technology news networks have also been able adapted to the newest forms and types of technologies in order to share news. One prime example would be the internet. Thanks to the internet news stations such as Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC are able to share news with viewers around the whole world making those tv station an even bigger source of information. But even though all these news sources may be talking about the same sources in reality they are incredibly different from each other when it come to a specific topic. News channels are either considered liberal meaning, “when one believes in a government's action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all.” While on the other hand, other news stations are considered to be conservatives…show more content…
Therefore, prior to November there are debates, caus, campaigns, and numerous articles discussing the candidates. Bias in the news plays a major role in the election. News sources have specific views and try to persuade Americans to think and believe the “facts” on whichever candidate the source personally wants to win. Considering there are different political parties and each have candidates, there are also separate and different news sources that fall into those parties as well. Politics play a major role in the world we live in, even more so during an election year. During the campaign before November, politics are all over the media. Each news source is up to date with candidates, but usually only the candidate, or candidates, that are in the same party. Depending on the news source a person relies on often determines who that person will vote for when the Election comes around. People often follow news sources they feel are relevant and
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