Essay about Gender Communication in a Relationship

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In A Relationship you need:
Gendered Communication

One of the most important topics in communications is gender communications and that is why I decided to write about it. Gender communication is communication about and between women and men. It is the most important thing to almost everyone in the world. I learned about gender communication in a class last year with Naaeke and I think it is really important to have if any ones wants to have a good relationship with someone and everyone usually wants to build there life through a relationship between a man and a women.
To start off a relationship the two in the relationship have to have good communication with each other. The different kinds of communication are linear, interactive, …show more content…

It is when the two are talking to each other at the same time and are understanding each other and is acknowledging what they have to say. This usually doesn’t happen until the two get to know each other better. This could be good because they would know they are connecting in some way. The bad thing that could happen is the one thinks the other one is rude and don’t listen completely. But no matter what happens you have to have one of this in a relationship to make it work because if communication isn’t in a relationship then it will just fall apart. The way communication works between two people is, there is a sender and a receiver. They relay messages back and forth to each other. When the sender sends the message the receiver has encode it and send feed back. But there is usually noise between what the sender sends and the receiver receives. Noise is a distraction the cause the message to be messed up or encoded wrong. To help a relation the two usually need to close the gap between each other so that the noise gets minimized. Most relationships starts with being friends, then moving to romance which turns into marriage, then it goes to conflict and divorce. But in good relationships the communication is good and the can settle a conflict by talking it out with each other. To me personally I like to have communication between me and my girl friend and the only way our relationship has worked is through good communication. If we didn’t

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