Gender Harassment And Heterosexist Harassment

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In the research study “Two sides of the same coin: Gender harassment and heterosexist harassment in LGBQ work lives”, the researchers, Lilia M. Cortina and Veronica Caridad Rabelo, focused their study on people of the LGBQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer) community in the workplace. Individuals who consider themselves to be a part of the LGBQ community face many hardships in everyday life, and dealing with hate in the workplace is simply one of the many burdens placed upon them. Some are constantly harassed by coworkers because of their sexuality. They reported being stressed when in the workplace and that stress reflected in their work with their task being lower in quality. A few individuals have attempted to file complaints under Title VII which is supposed to protect individuals from sexual harassment in the place of work, but it failed to protect cases where the person filed for harassment because of sexual orientation. The goal of the study was to assist those dealing with LGBQ civil rights in the workplace and to also assist in the legal struggle to redefine what is protected under Title VII. The hypotheses, which were taken directly from the article, are as follows: Hypothesis 1 verified whether or not “LGBQ employees will be more likely to encounter multiple harassment types, referencing both sexuality and gender, rather than harassment targeting sexuality alone”. Hypothesis 2 states that “Employees reporting multiple workplace victimizations (i.e., both

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