Gender Identity Development

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Literature Review
The goal of the researcher of gender identity is to identify where and when identity is developed, furthermore it will explore how this plays a role when working with transgender adults.
Development of Gender identity
When a child is born, doctor examine their genitalia and assign the child as either male or female. The identity that they are given directly correlates with the child having either a penis or a vagina. Nevertheless, studies now find that this is not the case for all children. Many fields of study including psychology, genetics, sociology, and anthropology now state that there is more to the development of gender than the physical make up of a child. Genitalia is now being looked at …show more content…

That this difference between physical gender identity and mental gender identity is not due to confusion, the youth being delayed, pretending or being oppositional. This difference is in fact the truth as the youth see it and is an intricate part of their being (Olson & Eaton, 2015). Individuals who are transgender exist and are able to identify that they are a gender different than their biological gender. By being able to identify and validate these individuals allows us to be able to get information that further solidifies that gender identity is an individual identity versus a biological …show more content…

This is often expressed by individuals expressing hyper masculinity or hyper femininity. For transgender male to female individuals this can been by actions such as getting married, joining the military, being involved in religion and hobbies that are considered masculine. (Broad 2002). It is important to understand that the messaging around gender roles is so strong that individuals want to do everything in their power to be accepted and not ostracized. This is done to the level that individuals will forsake their own happiness to be accepted by society often taking on the role of their gender to the degree of hyper masculine or feminine actions, thus trying to prove that they fit in a role that is often not meant for

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