Gender Identity In Children

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In my opinion I do think that the attitudes and gender identity statements that is discussed in this discussion question still exist today in our society. I think that this exist because I have heard my aunts and grandmother say the some of the statements that is listed in this discussion question. I think that caregivers and educators response should be that they are exploring their environment therefore let them learn through play. We as adults should promote safe physical; and motor development in children. Our textbook mentions that “ knowledge of expected patterns and sequences of physical and motor development helps adults to appreciate each child’s unique capabilities and interest and gives direction to the provision of growth-enhancing experiences for children”(The Young Child Development from Prebirth Through Age Eight, n.d). Therefore we as adults must must allow the child to engage in play if its not a safety issue. I think that if the child is not given the opportunity to enhance their developmental skills then the adult can hinder their developmental capabilities and needs.…show more content…
Our textbook mentions that “Abuse of infants and toddlers has been associated with...curiosity and handling of objects in the environment (The Young Child Development from Prebirth Through Age Eight, n.d). Therefore children should be engaged in experiences that enhance their development skills. These experiences should be safe and enrich the child play and learning
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