Gender In Health And Social Care Essay

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Diagnostic radiographers work as part of a multidisciplinary team, so the concept of communication for this work will mean relaying information relevant to the person’s health correctly so that the best possible outcome can be achieved which is an integral part of the patient pathway (Ramlaul and Vosper 2013). Erlich and Daly (2009) support this claim confirming that effective, honest and open communication with other members of the healthcare team would help establish good rapports making goals easier to achieve in terms of the patient’s healthcare. Effective communication must also occur with the patient focusing not only on their ailment, but additionally their “preferences, wellbeing and wider social and cultural background”, referring …show more content…

Unlike gender, sex refers to the biological attributes which deem a person male, female, neither or both such as the chromosomal combination in the genotype of the individual, consequently the genitalia present at birth, if any, and the presence of hormones. From a sociological stance, gender on the other hand is the non-biological aspect of one’s identity which adheres to the societies’ categories of masculine or feminine (Moore, Aiken and Chapman 2008), through the process of gender determination according to Westbrook and Schilt (2014). The World Health Organisation (2015) similarly describes gender as characteristics pertaining specifically to masculinity or femininity established by the society raising the fact that it may vary amongst different societies and as the society evolves, so can the concept of gender. From the two perspectives and other works it is evident that there lies a clear distinction between gender and sex, however gender cannot exist without the biological classifications of male and female as found in the medical field, thus the “biology-based” definition of gender will refer to whether an individual is classed as masculine or feminine based on their sexual assignment at birth (Westbrook and Schilt

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