Gender Inequality : A Critical Issue That Affects Women 's Rights

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Gender Inequality Research Paper
Gender inequality is a critical issue that affects more women than their male counterparts all around the world. Gender inequality is a form of legal discrimination towards women’s rights. In order to progress and grow as a community and society, gender equality needs to be acknowledged. According to LISTVERSE, the top ten “extreme” examples of gender inequality towards women that exists around the world today, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa, are being forbidden from driving, having clothing requirements, having limited access to divorce, education, and travel, being victims of violence, lacking custody rights, being denied citizenship, being in sexual subjugation, and female infanticide. An example of female infanticide is that the normal ratio for births in India should be 950 girls for every 1000 boys. However, some regions report numbers as low as 300 for girls (Rushfan). The 650 number gap in the expected to actual number ratio represents all the girls that were aborted or abandoned due to societal or cultural gender inequality towards infants. China is another example of female infanticide. China’s government only allows one child per household in order to not overpopulate the country even more. Parents who want a boy but end up getting a girl neglect and abandon their daughter to try again for a son. The idea that so many parents would abandon their child based on their gender calls for a social change in culture and

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