Gender Inequality And Social Progress

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Gender inequality plays a critical role when it comes to social progress. As a woman, I have seen the struggles for equality to men in many aspects. Regardless of the great strides that women have achieved today, it is still hard to find equal opportunity and to be fairly recognized. Some of the areas where gender inequality is very prevalent are in areas such as, equal pay in the workplace, professional & education careers, household work, sexism and discrimination just to name a few. Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender.[1] In this passage I will briefly elaborate on the areas outlined earlier to show the various degree of inequality and explore the path that women have taken to achieve equality. Additionally I will focus on the economic growth as a dependent variable and stereotype as the independent variable.
Women today still struggle to get the same pay as men and this arises from wage discrimination. When multiple workers are equally qualified and perform the same work but one group of worker is paid more than another stirs up conflict. This situation has normally favored men over women that are equally or more qualified. Historically, income inequality stems from the fact that men were primarily the bread winners of most households and the earnings associated with a job has fostered the income inequality to take form in the placement of individuals into particular jobs. For example, in some third

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