Gender Inequality : Are All Men The Same?

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What it is to be a man
A question that is often asked by many women is “are all men the same?” The answer is no. One position about what it is to be a man is that society often stereotypes all men as sex driven beings, this is partially because men under certain circumstances may feel a social pressure. While this is for the most part physically and psychologically accurate, many men over time grow and change their beliefs or feelings towards sex. A second position is that a man’s environment can affect who they are, and momentarily or in some cases, for an extended period of time can determine their level of “masculinity”. This can be either negative and positive depending on the situation.
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“Almost all of the men in our cohorts underwent a similar process of socialization centered upon a predatory script in adolescence as a legitimate phase of sexual experimentation” (375). As adolescence, men are all more likely to want sex based off of the pressure of wanting to assert their masculinity along with other biological reasons. As the men age some tend to change from predatory script to others, such as respectability or intimacy.
Many men get married or have a serious relationship in their lifetime. These men usually either have “experienced monogamy, double standard, pure monogamy, or polyamory”. In the studies on men’s sexual experiences it said, “We do not find an automatic correspondence between similar life course patterns and the adoption of similar scripts” (Bertone 377). This information means, that even if men at one point in their life (their adolescence usually) may be sex obsessed, they will not always remain this way. Men are not all after one thing, and while some of them may have been sex driven at one point in their life, that does not mean they stayed that way. Men are stereotyped as “self oriented” while women are stereotyped as “other oriented.” The reason for this is that in most cases, the woman is assigned to take care of the children and other

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