How Are Women Treated As Unequals For Men?

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Ashley Ho
Ms. King
English 1A P6
17 September 2015

How Are Women Treated as Unequals to Men?

“You throw like a girl.” “You run like a girl.” “You look like a girl.” It’s common sense that these phrases are not at all compliments but rather gender-based insults. Since when did the physical capacities of a young girl stacked up against a boy turn into an insult and a limitation? Is being a female individual something derogatory, something to be shameful about? Young girls are taught to be weak, fragile and soft-spoken while it’s openly accepted and even encouraged for boys to have hard opinions, to be strong and tough and exert power. They’re constantly put into a place of doubt by the media, parents and their social community.
As longs as humans have existed, women have been oppressed. Men were generally seen as the breadwinner, the man in the relationship, the man of the house. This theory, or belief further lead to what was known as the retro-era. The retro-era, around the 1950’s, was the epitome of gender-based stereotypes, where women were only valuable to household skills such as cooking, cleaning and housework. In more modern times, women gradually received more rights to pursue careers men would stereotypically take over. Pursuing “manly” careers, which include lawyers, actors, politicians and anything that requires exceeding cognitive function, as a woman elicits criticism. It’s clear to see women have much more limitations, restrictions and expectations than
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