Gender Inequality Of The Professional World Is A Common Topic Of Discussion At An Academic Level Essay

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Nowadays, the role of women in the professional world is a common topic of discussion at an academic level. Likewise, society as a whole is in need of modifying its perception about traditional models under continuous change. In that sense, this paper will address the topic of gender inequality in the workplace, providing a critical analysis on how women have gained an increasing active role in the professional and labor spheres, but facing genre inequalities in turn. We will analyze how these inequalities are grounded in a binary traditional structure that assigned men and women specific roles, and how the assessment of organizations becomes fundamental as they are constituted as places where gender inequality is highly present: “Contemporary stratification scholars are unlikely to deny the claim that organizations are the primary site of the production and allocation of inequality in modern societies” (Stainback, Tomaskovic-Devey & Skaggs, 2010). Finally, this essay will address the possible solutions for this issue, trying to shed light on appropriate ways to achieve equality in labor environments and in the whole society as well.
As was mentioned recently, within this paper we will analyze gender inequality in the workplace, considering organizations as key places where discrimination becomes really visible. Research has shown that the workplace reflects discrimination in several ways, for example, the gender wage gap (meaning that for the same position and with the same

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