Gender Is A Basis For Everything

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We use gender as a basis for everything in life, despite the possibility of gender stereotyping; gender still sets important guidelines for us to follow. As seen in “The genderless baby” when children who do not know what is truly best for them and their future get the power to do whatever they want, their lives begin to spin out of control. Also, as _______ stated in __________ males and females are fundamentally different, so it only makes sense that we treat males and females differently, equally but differently. Personally, I find that despite being brought up in a very gender strict household, I was taught to be “a man” with good intentions, and not in a way that made me believe that males and females are not equals. Although classifying and limiting people by gender has created segregation, I believe that it also brings order and simplicity to a very complicated idea. By sheltering children from reality and not allowing them to grow up in the society that they will spend the rest of their lives in, only hurts the children. When Storm was born her/his gender was never disclosed, the parent’s goal was to allow the child to not have the boundaries that gender would have set on him/her. Despite the parents having the final decision on how their child will be raised, people began having concerns, and for good reason. Storm has two older brothers, Kio and Jazz, they were also raised unschooled and were allowed to "choose their own gender". Kio and Jazz were both getting
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