Gender Is A Man Of The Physically Heritable Trait, Through Society Essay

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How I Learned to Drive has demonstrated that gender is a learned, in addition to the physically heritable trait, through society. Vogel stated that this play provides an opportunity to examine the issue at a microcosmic level at how we are taught at an extremely early age to look at female bodies (Mansbridge 124). The play is portraying a woman from her eleven years old to her forties. It detailed the process of how she gains her way to view her own body from her family, and especially Uncle Peck, can be seen clearly. This implied that our sexualities are gained through the society instead of ourselves, despite being the owner of our bodies.
In order to successfully deliver Vogel’s message, she revealed the secret at the end of the play in which Uncle Peck is a pedophile. Besides, various scenes were included before the revelation of the secret, such as interactions among Li’l Bit’s family and Uncle Peck provided a clear picture of the process of how Li’l Bit became the victim of her uncle. It allowed the avoidance of the issue being preconceived by audiences as well as developing subjective opinions towards Uncle Peck through piecemeal information provided at each time points. In this way, the audiences are able to conceive Vogel’s message more effectively. There are a few ways to view gender as a social construction, including: female sexuality and agency, femininity, masculinity and objectification of female.
Li’l Bit as the protagonist of the play has been taught how
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