Gender Is The State Of Being Male Or Female? Essay

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Sex is biological, determined by factors such as how many chromosomes a person has and genitalia. Gender is the state of being male or female, it is a social construct. Transgender is a person who identifies or expresses a gender identify that differs from the one that corresponds to the person’s sex at birth. Also, a hermaphrodite, is a person having both male or female organs or other sexual characteristics are faced with nature of gender, sexual identity, and what makes up one’s sense of self. A person’s ability to make a choice is defined by the amount of control over the situation. Therefore, one’s gender is a choice. Most people identify with the gender that is aligned with their biological sex, but some people decide to identify with the opposite gender, both or neither. Therefore, one may feel the need to make their physical parts match what is inside their head resulting in sexual reassignment surgery. “Society views gender as a rigid, innate thing” (Garner 33). Since one cannot change how they feel inside, a person may change their given gender. There is a narrow understanding of gender. Many people are under the assumption that one is mentally ill, however one wants to make the decision for themselves.
First, the Choice Theory was developed by Dr..William Glasser allows one to gain a perspective on the topic of gender roles and gender identity. “Choice Theory sees almost all human behavior as being chosen” (qtd. in Gardner 31). One is motivated internally, not
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