Gender Neutral Ground Combat Arms Roles

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Profoundly influenced by two post-9/11 protracted wars that highlighted the expanded role of women in combat, civilian leaders have opted to pursue a gender neutral military apparently on the grounds that integrating women in direct ground combat arms roles is both essential and prudent. Central to the rhetoric is that women are not only qualified, but that they bring a wealth of diverse talents that they should be able to apply across all disciplines within the Armed Forces and in turn, be afforded the opportunity to ascend to more senior ranks. However, policy makers are deliberately ignoring decades of medical research and evidence that strongly counter the logic of such a decision and brings into question their motives. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize and present the extensive body of evidence that exists counter to the rationality of pursuing a fully integrated, gender neutral military. This research paper uses a qualitative approach to argue that integrating women in the Marine Corps’ infantry will degrade readiness, deplete a talented pool of women from the total force, and impact the overall combat effectiveness of the Marine Corps. After presenting a brief background of how we arrived at the present date decision and debate, this paper will enumerate the impacts of physiological differences between genders. Next, the paper will then lay out the cumulative impacts that the difference in physical strength and endurance have on attrition and readiness
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