14000 Military Job Opportunities For Women Essay

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“The Defense Department recently announced new policies that will open more than 14,000 military job opportunities to women. Which seems like a great step—except that more than 200,000 positions will still remain exclusive to men, from front-line infantry positions to high-level special operations roles.” States Dani Moritz from The Muse. (Mortiz) Women have been thrown out of spotlight when it came to genuine positions. Does this shout disparity for women, as well as stereotyping and it for the most part tosses women’s rights ideal out of the window?
Women began to climb the ladder and finally became equal to men, well almost. Women’s rights include, but is not limited to positions that any man can hold, promotions that were not allowed beforehand last but not least socially and legal equality. As women, we can’t continue to yell inequality when we are not on the same playing field as men. We, women, have more leverage than the men. Aspiring to be like men would require us to also go the same extra mile that the male has to also. Women’s right is not for us to be equal while also being held on a pedestal at the same time. Equality goes both ways, it is for us, as well as men. The inequality of the military has men doing the double of what women do because they are seen as being mentally and physically stronger. This relates to the requirements of the military that they have in place which indeed need to be changed for it to be deemed as an equal service. This identifies

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