Gender, Racial, Level Of Education, Location And Aboriginal Identity Essay

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Inequality, specifically income inequality is all over the world and affects the most disadvantaged people. This paper will argue that gender, level of education, location and Aboriginal identity are the causes of the income inequality that exists among Aboriginal men and women in Canada. Gender is a big factor in income inequality, because the hierarchy that is subliminally created in society plays a big role in “Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relations” (Gerber 122). Education is also a main issue because they cannot make enough money with the high level of education they possess (McDonald and Wilson 3). Knowing this, Aboriginal identity relates to gender and education because certain Aboriginal groups are affected more than the other. Lastly, location affects income because if there are no good jobs around a certain geographical area, then the income an individual earns will be lower. The theoretical lens that I will use to analyze this social problem is an Intersectional lens, because it will demonstrate how these factors are interconnected on many levels and that these cannot be examined by itself. Income inequality in itself is an important issue because we live in a world where so many opportunities are available and it is a shame that individuals who work just as hard do not receive the same rewards. I believe that income inequality is ignored in western society, and is especially ignored in the case of Aboriginal women.
Analyzing income inequality among Aboriginal

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