Gender Roles And Gender Norms Essay

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Ever since we were born, the way people behaved and interacted with us made us the person we are today. Through this socialization, we also learn how the society’s rules and norms that we live in. An example is when children introduced to certain roles that are linked to their biological sex, teaching how a child how a man and woman should behave. When a child is born, parents would typically dress their child according to their sex. If it is a boy, he is dressed in blue, and if it is a girl, she is dressed in pink. In our society, these roles given to us are mainly based on gender norms and standards. It is known that masculine roles have traditionally been associated with physical strength and dominance, while feminine roles have been associated with gentleness, empathy, and nurturing. Whereas boys are told that "real men don 't cry" and are pressured to not express their vulnerable emotions, girls are taught that it is okay to show and discuss their feelings with others. To this today gender roles in the United States continue to be in a state of flux to a certain degree, although traditional gender norms still applies at times. Masculinity plays a big part of being a male in the society we live in and if one were to break a gender norm, they would be ridiculed. For example, it is a gender norm that men do not use cosmetic products and that it is strictly only for women since it conveys feminine interests. If a man were to go to a department store to buy makeup or

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