Gender Roles And Social Construction

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Gender roles have influenced our society our whole lives, without us realizing it. They determine the way in which we, as members of society, behave among others and what is deemed socially acceptable and what is not, all based on our gender. From the moment children take their first breaths, they are exposed to the gender roles society has set. This is all part of a social construction to categorize the two genders into believing that they should act in a particular matter, using toys as an advertising method. If the baby is a female, parents will opt to dress her in pink or purple, classifying the child as “girly”. However, if the child is male, parents will often opt for blue and green, avoiding pink in order to confirm the masculine gender by society’s standards. Even as kids, a girl will automatically head to the pink side of the toy store, just as a boy would head to the blue section due to their pre-exposed view of society. The social construction predefines a societies belief, thoughts, and what they consider a norm. As part of a community we take in what is expected of us, and try to attribute one self into that specific norm. So in some ways the dramaturgical theory plays a big part in a person’s daily life. Due to constantly being told how to behave by those around us, we develop a role in life some might call a type of “theatrical performance” (Conley 2013:139). An individual can get so wrapped up in what society expects from them that they embody that

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