Gender Roles During The Epic Of Gilgamesh ' An Epic Poem '

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Brandon Olmos April 4, 2017 Gender Roles In Gilgamesh, an epic poem, gender roles play a large role in the plot line. Even female goddesses had some key roles through this ancient epic. They might not have necessarily had the same strengths and duties to their male counterparts, but their roles were substantial. Even though the main characters in this epic, Enkidu and Gilgamesh, are male, women still had major roles in their tale. In the story of Ruth, Naomi and her mother-in-law defy gender roles and work for what they have in their place in society. The men in the epic obviously have a positions of power. For example, Gilgamesh in charge of Uruk. Uruk is a city that is really advanced for its time. It was the biggest and the …show more content…

She is a minor goddess, and she definitely has a power role as she is the mother of a demigod. She has his ear, and can steer him in the direction that she wants. In the story of Ruth, Ruth also has an important role in the gender scheme. Ruth is the ideal woman. She is displays good virtue and morals. Ruth was originally married to Elimelech. However, Elimelech and his sons died, leaving Ruth to be a widow without any children. This story in particular deals with gender roles within family dynamics. Ruth originally has the typical family dynamic until the death of her family transforms her life. This was not the typical family dynamic in her culture, as she decides to marry out of her clan. Ruth is definitely not the typical woman as she marries a man from Judah, which is taboo for the two groups of people as they have their differences. She marries Boaz, who treats her well and appreciates her for moving with him. Boaz is affectionate man and shows his respect for Ruth by defending her from sexual harassment from his men. The fact at sexual harassment is the norm in that particular society speaks to how women were treated. They were treated like objects. Ruth was also put to work by Boaz to gut his fields, showing that women were used as tools. Even though Boaz was accepting, his father in law is not as accepting of Ruth, due to the fact that she isn’t like their people. However, even with all the odds against her

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