Gender Roles In I Am Malala

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During the reign of the Taliban, women were subjected to silence while injustice flared through the Middle East. Forced to stay submissive to their superiors, women had no rights nor freedom to surpass society’s upbringings. The main intention of the three novels eliminates the withholdings of education from certain groups. Without these fundamental regulations in women’s favor, the value of peace is threatened.
The novel I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, describes the history of Malala’s region and the influences of culture through a woman’s perspective. The terrorism embodied in her country had motivated Malala to show true passion and courage by standing up for women’s rights. The challenges and frustrations women face throughout the novel had prompted a call for a new era, where peace should be …show more content…

Inferiorness of the characters’ pursue their acknowledgement of Afghanistan’s current monarchy to the reign of the Taliban. The cultural heritage and value of tradition is seen as a hallmark of Afghanistan’s history over the past thirty years. The significance of the novel is the freedom to escape the influence held by the Taliban. The novel Zoya’s Story by Rita Wolf,, introduces the war-torn country of Kabul during the Russian invasion and the Taliban’s reign. As a daughter of activists’, Zoya reflects on her life and the life of women around her who suffer from dependence and the forbidden of laughter. Although Zoya witnesses the fear thrust upon her, she vows to remain hopeful despite the horrors she has dealt with. I chose the topic of women in the Middle East because it issues the significance of a society where women struggle to obtain societal status. The violence that is acted upon the women throughout the novels, is a defiance against the power
The ability they maintain to organize protests and anti-revolutionary acts serves as

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