Gender Roles In Rebecca Solnit's 'Cassandra Amongst The Creeps'

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Hysteria derives from the greek work uterus. That notion refers to women everywhere having to live by the myth of gender roles. Most of the time these stereotypes turn into name calling which result in a harassment of words sticking long enough to the point where it's deemed as normal. The significance of that myth by people who endure verbal attacks correlates to how the rest of the crowd then perceives the judged. The consequences that follow are in the form of reputation creating these social norms that are unfair. In the tale “Cassandra Amongst the Creeps,” author Rebecca Solnit exemplifies the topic of how myths create social norms with the setting stone story of the goddess denying a Gods sexual request. As a result the curse of disbelief and tainted credibility of women was made normal as that myth stayed alive throughout history even to this day. In conjunction to Solnit, Lauren Holmes author of “Barbara the Slut” exhibits the modern setting of a high school to portray how impactful perception and credibility derived from that myth are. Both authors entertain how certain attitudes perpetuate future problems that can destroy characters esteem. Barbara’s scarred credibility was in result of other people's false conscious of her character. Barbara the Slut’s story represents the meaning of Solnit's belief of myth changing reality by exhibiting how women's sexuality is tied to perception, and how that perception changes individual's credibility and reputation.

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