Urban Legends Essay

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We have all heard of strange and gory stories that are supposedly true, experienced by a friend of a friend. Whether true or not these so called "urban legends" tend to circulate throughout society thriving on each individual's fears and curiosity. What most people don't realize is, within these tales lies the attitudes and values of a community. These tales do not survive throughout the years solely on the basis of their entertainment level, but due to the fact that they reflect society's fears and anxieties. In dissecting these tales one can indefinitely find the social fallacy against females that has existed for decades, as well as the fears women have against men. However, more importantly, the values that society hold are …show more content…

Not very often, because it is uncommon. Males are accepted to be able to protect themselves against such crimes, because they are strong physically and mentally. This tale also implies that females often play the role of the victim while males are the perpetrator of these violent crimes. The predator male seeks and stalks its innocent female prey. If Jane was a man then the story would seem less frightening and interesting. However she is a female whose antagonist is a demented and neurotic male, thus greater fear and anxiety is created. This dominant attitude, though sexist, is a recurring theme that has existed in our society for centuries and continues to prevail till this day. The theme of violence is a popular route for most urban legends. Violence can mean the threat of one's life to the threat of one's innocence. Society dearly values life, whether due to religious or cultural influences life is sacred and precious. Thus when hearing of others life threatening stories it gets the heart racing. That could happen to me. This connection is immediate because it asks for no suspension of belief. That is, it is very possible that the tale has some truth to it and that the actions of the tale are quite believable, distinct, and real.
At two in the morning when Susan got home from a party she realized that she had a midterm the morning. In getting her books she tripped in the dark because she didn't want to wake her

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