Gender Roles Of American Culture Essay

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In today`s population gender, roles play part in our daily life. Gender roles are created by the society that each person lives in. It can be broken down into feminine roles, strength masculine, and many others. In American culture, it shows their gender roles by appealing to the environment and changing the way society thinks. After watching The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women video, it is important to look at the gender roles in contemporary U.S. society. I picked up four different magazines to collect my samples for this assignment. I collected four magazines at Barnes and Nobles on November 9, 2016. The first magazine that I chose was the Men`s Health magazine; which talked about how its best to fit and real guys who love to work out have insane results. The second magazine I collected was the Tatler magazine. The third magazine is Vanity Fair, and the fourth one is the rolling stone magazine. All of the magazines that I sampled from are all different because they all have different pictures that show why gender role can be different in culture. I will discuss how gender is portrayed in the sample ads, how the gender roles are reinforced in the situation that I observed, and I will apply the theory to the observations. Gender roles are very important to American Culture.

Men Gender Roles in Advertisement

When men and women are displayed in an ad to represent a product; the male has more power than the women. He will be muscular and she will be very

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