Gender Roles : Social And Behavioral Actions Essay

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Gender roles are known as the social and behavioral actions that are considered to be acceptable for individuals of a specific sex. Gender roles have been around for as long as human existence first appeared on earth, but then eventually started to affect future generations. The 1950’s were known as a pretty strict decade when it came to enforcing masculine and feminine roles. The gender roles were so strict during the 50’s that a man named Talcott Parson had developed a model. The model involved total role segregation; men and women would be trained and educated in gender-specific institutions , and high professional qualifications and the workplace would be intended for men (“Gender Roles in the U.S.” 16). This deeply divided the tasks that are assigned to all women and men. Men are now assumed to deal with jobs that are associated with aggression, strength, and independence. Women are assumed to deal with jobs associated with nurturing, sensitivity, and empathy. The world has been brought up on the idea that males do more of the difficult and manual labor and females do more of the caring and protective work. If those gender roles are crossed by men or women then society tends to be judgemental and discouraging. Such as a group of men wanting to go into nursing studies and society telling them to find a more masculine career. This profession was performed exclusively by women and was considered an extension of their caregiver role (Stanley, 2012). Society will then look
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