Gender Roles Then And Now

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Women, Then and Now.

Gender roles have long since existed in human society. From the Upper Paleolithic and up until the early 21st Century, it has always categorized men and women into several limiting, obligatory roles more often so limiting the rights and decisions of women. However, one might be surprised that the gender norms that had restricted women were at their strongest during the Late Medieval Period. The Medieval Period in general was not a very pleasant era to live in. There were events and aspects of Medieval Europe that were not altogether palatable such as the Black Death, an oppressive hierarchy that limited the majority of the people’s abilities to raise themselves out of hardship, and the Inquisition that might come knocking at your door at …show more content…

Wherein, they cannot make decisions by themselves regarding matters such as work and property. As an example, during the Late Medieval Ages, women were restricted from joining guilds. They weren’t allowed to practice their craft, resulting in women taking no interest in learning crafts other than household tending during her lifetime. This social limitation also extends to property, position holding, and advancements in positions. And as mentioned earlier, there are exceptions when it comes to property holding. Widows can get land when there are provisions done to make sure she inherits the land, or if there are minor sons not strong enough or not mature enough to hold power over their father’s estate. Women can get land in lands that practice partible inheritance which divides the inheritance equally among children regardless of their gender. This practice was done in France, Brittany, and the Holy Roman Empire. In the event of a war, pilgrimage, or if her husband goes away simply because of political affairs, the wife exercises the same power her husband has over the lands as she is left to the management of the

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