Gender Roles : Undermining The Female Gender

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Gender Roles: Undermining the Female Gender
From birth, everyone was assigned a certain gender and are socialized to conform to certain gender roles based on their biological sex. Gender roles are standards created by society. Masculine roles are usually associated with dominance, strength, and aggression, while feminine roles are associated with nurturing, passivity, and subordination. This is where the term “gender inequality” becomes a major issue because to society men are supposedly the predominant gender, which then leads others to believe and treat women as the subsidiary sex. Women throughout history have endlessly worked to earn their rights, while men basically have everything offered to them. Recent laws have given women more freedom and rights, thus convincing people that gender roles are no longer a problem. Regardless of what society has convinced people, women still do not have equality because of gender roles.
In this world, men have been seen as the superior sex and women have been considered the subordinate group. Clearly, gender roles have been set to support men. Women are not expected to have similar jobs or to have the physical strength men do, but instead they are expected to stay home, raise the kids, and take care of household needs. Men, being the strong ones, are the only ones required to have a job and do the heavy lifting. The current accepted views towards women’s roles create female inequality because women are being undermined just because

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