Gender Roles Within Two Different Cultures . Growing Up

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Gender Roles within Two Different Cultures
Growing up in Iran I had automatically had less control over my autonomy. This is due to the male dominant society that has placed limitations and expectations on females. These exceptions and limitations can range from enforcing a strict dress code to not having the civil right as a female to be alone in public alone without placing herself in danger. Through socialization these have become social norms in the Iranian culture that have resulted in explicit and implicit gender roles. According to Berger and Luckmann, socialization can be deconstructed into two parts: primary and secondary socialization (1967). In primary socialization, a child is taught by significant others what are appropriate …show more content…

This instance is an example of the Armenian culture where males are encouraged to be dominant, aggressive, and care free and females are driven to behave in a restrictive, submissive, and compliant manner. These characteristics that are instilled in girls disable them from questioning authority and being unable to look beyond becoming more than just a housewife. These behaviors and attitudes are more substantial later in life of a female in the Armenian culture. This is why during my primary socialization even though, my behavior was monitored more so than boys I was still encouraged to spend time with the opposite genders during the school period. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that Armenians are a minority in this Muslim country thus, they encourage children regardless of gender to engage with one another in schools. However, this was different in an all Iranian school.
When I entered first grade, I was integrated into a school with both Persians and Armenians yet there was a tall concrete wall that segregated the genders.The age demographic changed as well ranging from ages six to fourteen. The transition from an integrated gender, all Armenian school was a major change in my socialization experience. This is where I started to internalize a “new sector of the objective world” (Berger and Luckmann 150:1967). I continued to wear a colored coded uniform to school, but this time I had to

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