Gender Should Not Be Legal Essay

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“Learning to be Gendered”: “What does this even means”? No one wants to be gendered. Every individual works hard for what they earn in their life. It should never matter at all what their sex is or how they look. In today’s world, no one wants to be treated better than the other; everyone wants to be considered equal and have the same opportunity to succeed as the person next to them. In addition; to wanting to feel equal there is a law that states that men and women are equal. Then by issuing this law it is stating that no matter your gender, thing that you do should not be treated differently based on your sex. Everyone can be who they want to be because in the United States of America everyone gender I too similar and should never be judge. Both sexes have their own opinion and ways to do things and this should not cause any problems. There is truly no factual evidence that will show that our gender decides everything and while growing up gender is throne aside and only thing that should be treated different is the individuals character. Thus, there should not be gender difference with clothing, color, jobs, income, and sports because everyone should be every to settle their own fate based on their preference and not others.
First of all, many believe that the colors of clothing we wear should not represent our gender. Many individuals like different colors and each color should not be based off of masculine or feminine. To start, many males like to wear darker

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