Gender Stereotypes In Slasher Films

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Since the beginning of time, there have always been gender roles in society. Back then women are supposed to stay home and do housework; are not supposed to work and have power. The Slasher films are sub-genre of horror films that involves someone who is psychotic that stalks and murders, random victims (typically women or teens) a day. You never see the monster [the psychotic killer] use a gun or a blunt object to kill their victims. Deaths by a gunshot or any other objects such as a rock, which they do not like to use because they are too quick and the victim will have no opportunity to scream. Weapons such as a butcher knife, chainsaw, or any other sharp object are usually a choice of the villain in these movies. These tools are used by your average, everyday worker that could go home after work with their tools and eventually hurt your family. Slasher films, like many other genres, inevitably have gender stereotypes. Through these movies, everyone has an idea of how the perfect man and women look like. Today you hear that men are getting paid more than a woman, women are not strong as men, and many more. Through advertisements and the media, women are portrayed to look like what they see in these platforms. A lot of powerful women; Hillary Clinton, instead of focusing on how she can improve America, everyone is focused on how short her skirt was. Men and women are restricted to certain roles and responsibilities in the film, thus portraying them unequally. The movie
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