Gender Stereotypes Of Men And Women In Advertising

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What Are You? From the beginning of time, there has only been two sex types. These are male and female. We, as humans, are born into one of these sexes and are expected to live like it. Gender is determined before you are born. There are certain anatomical and hormonal effects we are born with. Once created with these certain characteristics, you don’t have the choice of what you want to be. Of course, with our modern culture where almost anything is acceptable; the phrase, “Grow up to be what you want to be” is taken out of context. There are stereotypes that come along with being a man or a woman. That’s just how the world was created to be. Men and women are seen as unequal at times. Men are the providers of the household, the strong foundation. Women are, however, taught to be the homemaker; the gentle loving ones. These stereotypes are not only what we see but they are taken to the media. In advertisements today, women are sexualized and made to seem they are in their own world, not worrying about what is happening around them. Female models are put in “victim ready” poses. This means they let the environment control them, they look “breathless and off balance.” They portray neediness and are emotionally uncontrollable. To most…show more content…
Men are not made to look helpless to seem appealing but are active and alert of what is happening. Males are put into predatorily poses not showing emotion while women are complete opposites. If a man poses like a woman the first thought to cross everyone’s mind is, “this is not a real man.” Males are expected to be the powerful, bold, and in control people of society. That is why there is a difference between a boy and a man. This transition happens when the male decides to leave his “childish ways” behind. However, that is just a part of life. Everyone is expected to grow up at some point. Sadly, society pressures the males to mature faster than the opposite
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