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Team sports are a fun activity that many kids participate in, both girls and boys. However, sometimes there is a sport a girl wants to play in but no all-girls team for it, so girls can be allowed to play on a boys' team. I support allowing girls to play on a boys' team when there is no girls' team. There are many benefits that can come from this too, such as breaking stereotypes, sexism, and allowing girls to build better friendships with guys. Firstly, allowing girls to participate in team sports help destroy stereotypes. Girls are taught from a young age that boys are stronger and girls shouldn't play certain sports, but this isn't necessarily true because girls can just as much as boys. According to Laura Berk, a child psychologist, kids learn and develop gender stereotypes. It is not good to teach these kids gender stereotypes because this can lead to doubt, depression and sexism. A better way to separate groups would be by ability or age, for those who would argue that there would be no other way to separate these young athletes. …show more content…

Disallowing a girl to participate just because she is a girl, or because she isn't as strong or as good as a boy would be wrong and sexist. Teaching these girls this can make them feel bad about themselves and even minor instances of sexism help lead to the even bigger issues such as wages, and job opportunities. Allowing girls to participate empowers them and there are many other options that can be made when deciding on uniforms, coaches, and team choosing. Saying that these are problems or are too hard to solve is just lazy, but there are options, such as hiring both a girl or guy coach, or making a specific uniform for the girl. Also, when a girl wanted to join a team but wasn't allowed she went to court and the court's ruling allowed her to join the

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