Gender Stereotypes within Sports Essay

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Gender Stereotypes within Sports

Mainly men play sports. Graceful little girls and dykes play sports too. There is no room for anyone in the middle. However they do not play the same sports, these three groups of people. The manly men play football, rugby, hockey, they box and lift weights. The dykes can play any sport because their breaking of the genderized sports barrier can be chalked up to the fact that they are lesbians, not real women anyway. Graceful little girls, they are the ones we can admire, they are the gymnasts, the ice skaters and the synchronized swimmers. Female athletes as they should be are epitomized in these little girls. These lines and more are what society has been fed concerning appropriate sports for men and …show more content…

Some of them probably are, just like some of the football players that they cheer on are. Northeastern male cheerleader Carlos Munoz had this perspective on the association cheerleaders get with being gay, "You can look at cheerleading in two ways: as 'OK, I wear a skirt and I jump around saying cheers' or 'I'm a big man that picks up girls with one hand,'" he said. "It depends which way you put it. You can make it look good or you can make it look bad." His point of view is encouraging however there are still the people who look down on men who take up unconventional sports.

In an interesting twist of irony, many football players are required by their coaches to take ballet, conjuring up images of hulking muscle bound men in tutus. However, there is no assumption of homosexuality with these athletes. Whether they enjoy the dancing or not they are socially cleared of any homosexuality on the assumption that since they play football they are not gay and that they would never take up dancing unless forced to do so. One conclusion that can be drawn from this is that society on a whole does not think that "real" men would ever dance or cheerlead unless there was a way to simultaneously reaffirm their masculinity, in this case better play on the football field.

Charges of homosexuality can also be found in sports that are only unconventional in the United States. Men's field hockey was an Olympic

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