Suggest Three Ways In Which Teaching Might Be Altered To Favour Boys

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Gender and Educational Achievement a) Explain what is meant by “peer-group status”. (2 Marks)
Peer-group status is being seen as “big” or important in the eyes of friends and other people around you.

b) Suggest three ways in which teaching might be altered to favour boys. (6 Marks)
Three ways in which teaching can be altered to favour boys are:- * Include practical work to make sure they understand the work. * offering extra credit or chances unequally between males and females, favouring the males * School Topics that the school teaches such as Maths, Design Technology, Physical Education and many more are more male based subjects.

c) Outline some of the factors outside the education system that have …show more content…

On the other hand girls are more organised and meet their deadline for their given coursework. Additionally a recognition that girls were put off by what were traditionally seen as “boys subjects” or also known as hard subject such as maths, technology, physics and chemistry. This led to the introduction of equal opportunity initiatives such as Girls into Science and Technology. But Girls tend to take soft subject for A- level such as Biology, Sociology, textiles and many more, this is because they more easy subject to do. A recent report was on the new which was regarding less than 50% girls are undertaking the subject physics, which is known as a “manly subject” for A-level.

In addition early research on peer-group status states that the development of antischool subculture that tended to be developed by some working-class boys, particularly those placed in lower streams, bands and sets. Studies by Hargreaves (1967) and Willis (1977), for example, showed how such boys were either fatalistic in accepting school failure as inevitable and so developed anti-educational coping strategies, or sought to compensate for status frustration by gaining credibility in the eyes of their peers.

To conclude girls in school achieve higher than boys in school, this is because to some of the factors in school and out of school which may affect many boys with their studies and their behaviour. Overall girls seem to be more able to

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