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Title IX
1972 Federal Policy requiring equal opportunities for boys and girls in activities, facilities, equipment, curriculum, testing and grading, requirements, and behavior and dress code
How do objectives help in physical education and sport?
Short-term statements of specific outcomes that build cumulatively to reach a goal.
Describe the behavior that an individual will exhibit when the desired outcomes are achieved.

What is the pathway of energy in the cells?
That’s animal respiration: Oxygen in -- burn fuel molecules -- make ATP -- carbon dioxide out.
Use of ATP as energy to perform muscular activity. Two ways to produce ATP:
Anaerobic system
Without oxygen
High energy expenditure, short time (6-60 seconds)
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Gradual progression of exercise time, frequency and intensity is recommended for best adherence and least injury risk.
People unable to meet these minimums can still benefit from some activity.

What are the steps in the information processing model?
2-Decision Making
4- Feedback
How did the ancient Romans view physical education?
Exercise for health and military purposes.
Rome did not believe in the “body beautiful”
Preferred to be spectators rather than participants
Preferred professionalism to amateurism.

What is the portion of Americans living below poverty?
Who led the playground initiative in NY city?
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
What are the influences on physical activity (age, education, ect…)?
High levels of education are associated with good health.
Income is also related to health; people who are affluent tend to have better health status than those who are less affluent.
Education is often a predictor of income.
Many racial and ethnic minorities are educationally disadvantaged.
Those in poverty are more likely to have difficulty reading.
Gender gap is slowly closing.
Females read and write better than males, although males perform better in math and science.

2000 Concensus
There is an inverse and generally linear relationship for rates of all-cause mortality, total CVD, and CHD incidence and mortality and for the

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