Gender and Human Sexuality

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Gender and human sexuality has major importance in lives. This can determine whether a person is healthy or not; not only physically but mentally as well. Also, having a certain gender can change the way feelings are obtain their own character. It is about finding yourself within the gender given and personal human sexuality. Gender can determine actions made by either a male or female called it gender norms. The human sexuality could be defined as thoughts, fantasies, morals, relationship, and attitudes. This must be handled with care because every actions has its consequences affecting psychologically, social, economically, and cultural morals/values. Both gender and human sexuality may differ even the education, cultural, family values and morals, or religion beliefs. In the following information, these topics will discussed: studying human sexuality, sex and gender, sexual behavior, sex rights, gender and human sexuality history, sex problems and diseases, and psychology engages. One of the first questions that most individuals ask after a baby is delivered is whether the child is a male or female. What would life be seen as if there were no divisions according to maleness or femaleness? Could that determine a person’s career plans or relationships? The previous questions reflect the importance of sex and gender in lives. (Huffman, 2012.) Gender expression refers to all of the external characteristics and behaviors that are socially defined as either masculine or
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